Have you or a loved one had a stroke?

We’re looking for people who have experienced a stroke or are caregivers for stroke survivors to participate in a community-driven initiative to enhance stroke recovery.

The program will include integrating physical exercise, social interaction, and creative thinking activities (e.g., movement to music, art or singing) to enhance stroke survivors’ overall well-being and quality of life.

We need your help to understand how to improve recovery and life after a stroke.

If you want to be involved or learn more, you can sign up below.

Stroke Recovery Program

Join a list of people who have experienced a stroke who will be contacted when researchers need people to participate in the program or learn more about it. Please complete the form below. If you have any questions, contact our team on (02) 4042 0417 or by emailing Heidi.Janssen@health.nsw.gov.au.

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