Taking a peek at Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels always sound so good, but how does it all work?

Meals on Wheels provides nourishing frozen meals which can be easily reheated in a microwave or conventional oven to provide a well-balanced and tasty plate of food to clients living in the Maitland, East Maitland and Rutherford LGA areas.  You can choose between old winter favourites like soups or hearty main meals, as well as tasty mini meals and a sweet dessert to end a meal.  Meals on Wheels even provide snacks to fill that empty spot in no time at all.

Can anyone order a Meal?

The answer is a definite yes to this popular question. Meals can be ordered by anyone.  There are no age restrictions and limitations. People often assume that you must be elderly or an NDIS client to access meals.  This is not true. You can walk into our office and put in an order to sample and enjoy our delicious food.

Subsidies are available for people over 65 with a referral from My Aged Care.

Is it expensive, and will I be able to afford it?

Our menu includes a great range of soups, main meals, desserts, mini-meals and snacks. It is affordably priced with great options for all tastes. Meal prices start at around $3.50. Registered clients of Maitland Community Care Services in the Aged Care or NDIS category can look forward to paying even less, at $2.50 for a soup serving. This also includes delivery, should you require it. There are no contracts, and you order as you need food. You can stop at any time, which is good to know too.

It is easy to get bored with the same menu and what do I do then?

The good news is that the menu changes seasonally. Your taste buds will always be delighted with the food which keeps changing with the seasons, making the best of seasonal produce and providing you with meals that satisfy, from cuisines from around the World.

How do I know the food is prepared with care?

The meals are prepared by two big companies, both based in New South Wales.  Orders are placed with My Chef and Flagstaff and the food is prepared to the highest standards, providing clients with memorable mealtimes. The food meets the Nutritional Standards of Australia.

Frozen food is delivered to Maitland Community Care Services Meals on Wheels on a fortnightly basis. About 3000 meals are ordered through the Meals on Wheels Hub and from there delivered to clients to enjoy in the comfort of their homes.

Is there a notice period and how long in advance should I place my order?

Don’t worry if you do not have a very large freezer.  If an order is placed by at least 12 noon, delivery can take place the following day.  Many people prefer to use a regular ordering system and receive their meals weekly or fortnightly.  The Maitland Meals on Wheels team will ensure that a team member is ready to take your call and pack your order, for it to be ready for delivery to you the next day.

Schedules are relaxed and that takes the pressure off clients. They can order when it suits them, with intervals in between to take breaks and a quick call to get meals delivered again when they are ready to continue.  The entire focus of the Meals on Wheels operation is to provide the best service to the client, catering for each person’s individual needs, dietary requirements and order preferences.

My Aged Care referral has been approved. What happens now?

Most people are over 65 and come through My Aged Care, but if you have not applied for an Aged Care Package, we will redirect you through My Aged Care to get a referral. Once your plan is approved your Meals on Wheels can start immediately without a waiting period. Your deliveries will be scheduled straight away, followed by a home visit to do the paperwork. Your convenience comes first.  A home visit will be arranged about two weeks after starting meal deliveries, so that you can rely on a warm, tasty and nutritious meal without having to wait for the paperwork to be sorted out first.

Can you cater for my special dietary requirements?

Clients’ needs come first and foremost, and we take all special dietary requirements into account. Low salt options are available as well as gluten-free meals.  Our menu includes vegetarian and dairy-free options, as well as carb-free meals.  We even provide cut up or puréed food if you have special requirements. If you are not sure or want to check, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your options. You can find the latest menu here: https://www.mccs.org.au/nourish-food-services/


How can I be sure of ongoing levels of satisfaction?

It is important for us to have a good rapport with our clients and their feedback guarantees that we base our menu planning on our clients’ input. Popular choices are noted and always available to make sure every client can enjoy a favourite plate of delicious, nutritious and satisfying food. Our client focus means every meal can be a pleasure.

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