The CHSP is one of the subsidised in-home aged care programs the Australian Government uses to help older people stay living safely and independently in their homes and communities.

If you want to stay in your own home, but need some help with daily tasks in order to do so, the CHSP may be able to help.

It is for anyone 65 years + or 50+ ATSI who are mostly – but not completely – able to live and cope on their own, and don’t yet need higher levels of support to remain living at home. To get support at home, you will need an assessment, conducted by the Regional Assessment Service (RAS). This assessment is arranged via My Aged Care.

As well as helping you, the CHSP can help your carer. If your carer needs to attend to everyday activities, the CHSP can arrange for someone to support you while they are away. It’s important to talk to My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 ahead of time, if possible.

The CSHP provides subsidised practical support including transport to appointments and shopping, social support, household chores, personal care, home and yard maintenance, in-home nursing etc. 

If you have more complex needs, either now or into the future, a Home Care Package may be right for you. You can access similar services to the CHSP, but on top of this, the services are coordinated and tailored to meet your specific needs.


A Home Care Package (HCP) provides a coordinated package of services tailored to meet your specific needs. You will need an ACAT referral via My Aged Care. HCPs are designed to:

  • help you stay in your own home as you get older
  • give you choice and flexibility in the way your care and services are provided to you at home.


This will depend on your needs.  We will work with you to identify your goals and needs and co-design the best ways to deliver those services so you can live an independent life.

Services that can be provided in a Home Care Package include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal care showering and dressing;
  • General household chores like cleaning, doing the laundry and meal preparation;
  • Transport for shopping and medical appointments;
  • Social Support visiting a friend, group activities i.e. movies, lunch, mystery outings,
  • Personal safety monitoring devices and other equipment;
  • Home modifications (e.g ramps, rails)
  • Gardens and lawns
  • Wellbeing programs (gentle exercise group), social outings (concerts, lunches, movies, mystery outings etc)
  • Clinical In-home nursing, allied health and other clinical services 
  • Care Coordination and case management

There are some things you can’t use your home care package for:

    • paying your rent or mortgage
    • buying your groceries
    • paying for holidays

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